What are my home broadband options?

If you are getting broadband installed, or looking to change your broadband, there are a confusing array of options on the market. They are often marketed with terms like ‘superfast,’ ‘high speed,’ ‘Infinity’ and so on. What does it all mean? And why are speeds quoted as ‘up to…’ instead of a definite figure?

I’ll try to unpick the marketing speak for you. There are five possible ways you could get broadband into your home (most of us will pick from the first three):

  1. ADSL – Assymetric Digital Subscriber Line
  2. VDSL – Very High Bit Rate Digital Subscriber Line
  3. DOCSIS – Data Over Cable Interface Specification
  4. Mobile Network
  5. Satellite Broadband

The last two options are normally only really appropriate when none of the first three are available where you live. Mobile networks are capable of delivering very good speeds in many places, but unless you don’t plan to use your broadband very heavily they are likely to be a costly option for everyday home use. Satellite broadband can offer good speeds too, but again you will have monthly data limits and there is the initial setup cost for the dish and tranceiver. If you live somewhere very remote, it might be your only option though.

Click on the links to learn more about each option.


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